Jati Jajar Cave


jatijajar cave is one of the tourist attractions in Kebumen from many many wonderful sights.
jatijajar cave location is in gombong, Kebumen district central java.
sights in the cave is very interesting, although a bit creepy, but now there are lighting the lamp in the form of a variety of colors in the cave. than that in the cave there is also a spring, the spring is the flow of river water that penetrates into the cave and shaped like a waterfall, people assume that travelers face wash in the spring he would stay young and easy to match. not only is it out of the cave there is a statue of a dinosaur that is characteristic of the cave. at the mouth of the statue is out of the water like a fountain, so many travelers are splashed in the statue.
Do not say you’ve been to the Kebumen if you have not been to goa jatijajar. because keindahanya very good.


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